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Enterprise Contracting, Inc will work directly for insurance proceeds (the amount agreed with your insurance company of what it takes to repair your home). The insurance company will take the deductible out of your check the insurance writes to you. You will have to pay out of your pocket the policy amount of your deductible (by law). The homeowner is responsible for all upgrades and decking replacements.

If you have suffered a loss that is covered under your insurance policy you will want to file a claim. Your insurance company will then send an adjuster to confirm the amount of damage (strongly advise you have an Enterprise representative there to help). Once the value of the damaged property has been assessed, you will be offered a settlement amount.

If your insurance policy provides replacement cost coverage for some or all of the loss or damage to your dwelling or structure it is important to understand what type of policy you have; which our specialist can assist in.

If you have an ACV (actual cash value) policy, is the amount your insurance company determines the actual value of your roof to be worth right now. The insurance company estimates the age and condition of the damaged area(s) of your dwelling or structure and depreciates based on their findings. The insurance company will not pay the full replacement cost on an ACV policy. You will be responsible for paying the insurance checks plus the depreciation and your policy amount of your deductible to Enterprise Contracting, Inc. on an ACV policy.

If you have an RCV (replacement cost value) policy the insurance company will pay the full amount for work to be completed less your deductible. In this case you will receive two checks, the first for the ACV amount and the second for the depreciation amount (RCV). Depending on your insurance company the RCV check may be released when substantial repairs or replacement are underway, or after work has been completed on property. Enterprise Contracting, Inc. will submit the appropriate documentation to your insurance company for you to receive your RCV depreciation if you have this type of policy. You will be responsible for paying the insurance checks plus your policy amount of your deductible to Enterprise Contracting, Inc. on a RCV policy.

In some instances, you may have to send your insurance check(s) to your mortgage company for endorsement. We can help you with these steps as our team of professionals are here to help!

Homeowners are responsible for paying for any upgrades and wood replacement.

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